About Ana

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When I originally started this blog I called it Trixie’s Basement. Trixie’s Basement is the place in my head where all of the weird sh*# happens. Trixie is not my name. I use both my first and middle name which confuses all of my friends, relatives and casual acquaintances.  At first I hesitated to tell you what those names were but my publisher told me it’s harder for my fans to find me and my book if I’m anonymous.

I write novels.  When I first started this blog they were not published. I promised that when they finally got published I would post them in the sidebar so that you could easily find them.  You can see I kept my promise. I also hate the word ‘panties’ and would prefer you just refer to them as my underwear.  Although, now I want to know why you are referring to my underwear at all.  A bit inappropriate of you, don’t you think?

In my spare time, I have a husband, two kids, a dog and a fish named Frothy.

Though not necessarily in that order.

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