Rabbit hole

First, I’d like to apologize for the name of this post.  Particularly if you came here thinking this was going to be something completely different than what it actually is.

The internet is a total rabbit hole for me.  I get an e-mail with a link and I follow that link which goes to a website that has another link and then something about that seems interesting and I spend 45 minutes browsing through that site when really I should be writing my novel or editing videos or doing laundry or picking the kids up from school or something.

This is how I ended up on the website of an Ivy League university contemplating getting a masters in applied positive psychology.  Seriously contemplating it.  However, this MAPP program would cost $47,006 in tuition and I would need to travel to Philadelphia once a month for a year.   I would need some money to do this.  So I dropped the idea and proceeded to watch the Llamas with hats video on youtube. Clearly, I am Ivy League material.

Later that evening I was watching a show called Wipeout.  It’s an American version of one of those Japanese game shows in which people get hurt.  Over and over again.  Then it’s edited so that you get to watch the painful crotch blows and face plants in slow motion. Repeatedly.  This is great fun to watch; it is the modern version of banana peel humor and it never fails.  The whole family, from my eight-year-old daughter to my 62 year-old mother-in-law thought this was the funniest thing ever.  EVER.

About fifteen minutes into the show I wondered aloud why the contestants would subject themselves to such painful public humiliation.  My husband tells me ‘Oh, if they win they get $50,000.’ Lightbulb moment.

Though, I wonder if there is something wrong with using our natural human tendency to derive joy from other people’s suffering (Schadenfreude! an Ivy League word if ever there was one.  I’m sure to get in!) in order to fund a masters program in applied positive psychology.  I mean, would that hurt my chances of being accepted to the program?  Hmm.


7 thoughts on “Rabbit hole

  1. Hey Mr. WordPress, Thank you kindly for your comment. I don’t know if you need to tell me it is a comment as I can clearly see it is in the comment section. Also, thank you for the highly informational nature of the comment. I like information.

  2. Strange to see the Roman Colosseum alive and well…and piped into every home. The things we’ll do for money…

    As Mr. Spock, with his Ivy League degree would say… “fascinating.”

  3. Large red balls to gladiator fights…I think boxing gloves…then rock ’em sock ’em robots. Don’t ask me why.

    Add large carnivorous beasts to Wipeout, yes. Although I suspect there would be a large drop off in participation. Might need to recruit criminals or launch a eugenics program based on intelligence or lack there of.

    Makes me wonder what entertainment television would look like today if Nazi Germany had conquered the world?

  4. Hi Krista,
    I love this blog you created. I enjoyed the two posts. Gave me a few chuckles. Is there a way we can get automatic email alerts when you update? Oops, never mind, just saw how I can do that. 🙂
    Love you!

  5. The think I love about the rabbit hole is that even when having insomnia at half past midnight, I can check up on friends across the country and post to their blogs.

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